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How do I make a call?

Just dial the number on the homepage or any of the numbers in the ‘All numbers’ page and enter the number you want to call to Nigeria in international format followed by the # sign. So for example: 2348058040090#

What is the cost of the call?

Costs vary per the carrier you are calling from. 087 numbers have an access and service charge. The access charge is set by your carrier and the service charge will be announced when you call any of these numbers.

How am I billed?

You will be charged a local call to an 0870 number, ensure you have a package to call 0870 numbers.

How long can I call for?

You can call as many times per day as you wish and there is no time limit for the calls.

Which other countries can I call ?

You can call to landline and mobile in India, Bangladesh, USA, Canada and Pakistan. If you wish for us to add more countries please contact us through the form at the ‘Contact us’ page.

Terms and privacy

Our terms are simple, we aim to make the service simple for you.

We provide the call through number which is billed by your carrier directly. Make sure to confirm costs to avoid any large bills. We aim to keep the service active as long as these types of numbers are available in the UK and the UK telecom regulator allows call through services. We may change numbers at any time and if we do we will update the website accordingly .

Also for your privacy we will never share your details in any way. You may feel free to contact us for any questions or requests at any time through the ‘Contact us’ form.

Call Nigeria mobiles and landlines from your home phone or mobile